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A Life Overseas:
Dear Single Missionary

The Cult of Calling
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I once was (color) blind, but now…
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For Every Mom:
The Ugly Truth about Diversity
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What My Pregnant Body is Teaching Me 
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Middle Places:
When You Feel Like God Misled You


When Life is Less Radical Than You Imagined

The Best Years of Our Lives 

Loving After Trump


Self Talk the Gospel:
A Letter to My Daughter


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How Our Muslim Student Became Auntie Boo 

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Madeleine L’Engle Made Me Do It 

Breastfeeding and the Liturgy of the Hours

When the Answer is Not Now

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When You and Your Husband Have Different Callings

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A Single Missionary in China


You Are Here:
Chicago’s Uptown


Velvet Ashes:
When You Feel Spiritually Dehydrated…Again

When We Fear