I’m still relatively new to marriage and motherhood, so most of these posts are me trying to figure it out as I go.  But here is some of what I have learned thus far in the journey.


Love & Marriage:  The Narrowing

What Love Looks Like After 5 Years of Marriage

And Then I Fell in Love 

My Story:  When Marriage is Viewed as Selling Out

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The New Normal

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Potty Training a Strong-Willed Child

Loving Like They’re Lost

To the Writer Mamas

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The Minivan Identity Crisis 

Dear Daughter

Surviving the Culture Shock of Motherhood

3 Things Helping Me Right Now as a Mother

On Race, Rights & Raising a Black Son: An Interview with Rachel Yantis

SAHMs and the Need to Create

Motherhood & the Big Picture

For the Mom Whose Life Feels Small

Creative Spirituality for Busy Times 

Moms Are Not Monks 

When Jesus Asks Too Much of Us 

The Truth About Family Advent

What No One Told Me About Breastfeeding 

Thankful for This Day

Permission for Self Care

When You Feel Spiritually Dehydrated…Again {for Velvet Ashes}